Wednesday 22 May, 2019

10 Lovely Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas for St Lucians

The life of a hustler just ain't that easy, which is why you've found yourself stranded on the one day reserved only for love with nothing planned but a shameful apology you already know will fall on deaf ears. Busy schedule or not, no excuse can truly quell disappointment so take it from us, save it. And if you've fallen short of ideas or are simply not great at thinking on your feet, we have you covered. Here are ten easy and quick-to-execute things couples can enjoy for Valentine's Day in Saint Lucia.

1) Paint and Sip

Bél Koulé offers the perfect blend of intimacy and fun with their Paint and Sip sessions. Participants enjoy a drink of choice while creating artistic masterpieces. Fear not if no one has ever mistaken your work for Picasso's as painting sessions are guided by a professional artist. At the end of it all, not only will you leave with wonderful memories but also picture ideograms of your love. Couple sessions run for two hours, so call and book your spot now. It's not too late.

2) Private Staycation

Saint Lucia is a picturesque 238 sq mile paradisic wonderland littered with hotels. A night at a luxurious resort is never a bad idea but you know what beats that any day? A private facility decked with all the amenities of the best hotels. The added bonus is the utter silence you and your partner will enjoy, save for the expressions of love and appreciation that will be shared between you two. And whereas the best islandwide guest houses may already be booked, Airbnb still has a list of first-class private facilities available for Valentine's night and this coming weekend.

3) Private Dining

Granted, dinner dates may be part of your regular displays of affection, so to spice things up a bit while sticking to the comfort and confinement of top-notch dining, consider going off the beaten path. Restaurants like Majorie's Restaurant & Bar in Cas En Bas and Fisherman's Wharf in the north of the island may mean a long drive on fairly deserted roads, but the reward at the end makes it worth it. Not only will both food spots allow you to avoid the crowd but they are nestled in the nooks of beautiful beaches. The sound of the ocean promises to set the mood and induce the calm and peace you two might be craving.

4) Very Private Dining

This one was highly suggested by a male contributor who stressed that for this to work, both parties must dress to the nines and the room should be embellished with romantic fixings. Though it may cost you two trips; one to the grocery store and another to a local department store, dinner at the house is as good an idea as any other. Feel free to tailor the ingredients to your liking, that is, book a local chef to make the night extra special or cook up something delectable. Also, nothing sets the mood like music, so choose wisely.

5) Enjoy a sunset together

A consensus amongst the ladies when pulling together this list was that taking a moment to enjoy the sunset amidst a breathtaking view would satiate their desire for alone time. Since Valentine's Day falls on a weekday, why not take a detour to a mountain top on your way home from work? Hills are aplenty on this rock, which allows you several conventional options to choose from like a designated viewpoint along the Castries to View Fort roadways—of course preferably on the west side of the island. Or, for privacy, walk the short trail up Mount Pimard in Rodney Bay. For that added Valentine's day touch, grab some chocolate, wine or prepare a simple picnic basket. And, if you don't do sunsets, perhaps a night of stargazing somewhere safe, like the Five Dollar Beach in Cas En Bas is a more suitable alternative.

6) Take a hike

Long walks are known to be extremely therapeutic. A walk with your significant other for Valentine's Day could be the perfect remedy for a lack of quality time. It could also quench a deep desire to switch off everything and make a great escape into life the way nature intended for it to be. To add, hiking does not mean a sweaty race to the top of a steep mountain—unless you're into that—but rather it could simply be a stroll on the Bon Nouvel trail, in Esperance (near Gros Piton), which is a fairly new nature trail recently opened to the public. Being what the owner refers to as a “work in progress”, meaning its main attraction remains the surrounding vegetation, makes Bon Nouvel the perfect setting for a romantic walk.

7) Make Chocolate together

If rushing to make plans for tonight sounds like a recipe for disaster to your ears, why not plan for the weekend? It's an easy sell when following Valentine's Day everyone will clock back into their day jobs. If that's the case for you perhaps a Saturday at Cocoa Carib, on the Morne in Castries, where you two can pound out some cocoa nibs in blends of flavourings and sugar, might be a more suitable option. Chocolate is a Valentine's Day staple so some quality time spent stirring up your own is a sure-fire way to make the occasion extra special.

8) Seek some adventure

Maybe you and your other half have been together long enough where you've done it all. Valentine's Day throughout the years has been a series of restaurant reservations, at-home dining, picnics and sunsets. You need something new. In Saint Lucia, you have a range of adventure-based activities to choose from. Think about your partner and what he or she will appreciate and designate this Saturday to trying something new together. Whether it be scuba diving, snorkelling, kite-surfing, ATV touring, segway gliding or zip lining through the rain forest, now might just be the right time to start racking up some more worthwhile memories together.

9) Volunteer/ Donate

This option is popular amongst the generous. If your significant other fits the bill, perhaps one day out of the weekend designated for fulfilling any of the following good deeds would be the perfect option:

  • Volunteer your time at an old-folks or children's home. There you two can help out with the cleaning, cooking, repairs, or entertainment.
  • Do any of the previously mentioned but for a neighbour, neighbours or anyone you know who is in need.
  • Buy lunches and distribute them among the homeless or in deprived communities.
  • Purchase essentials like cleaning materials and raw foods (or call beforehand to find out what is in need) then distribute them amongst homes and rehabilitation centres across the island.

10) Horseback riding

The controversial race-track in View Fort is in its early stages of development which means it's no longer presumptuous to acquaint oneself with the creatures at the heart of political promises of economic resurgence. On another note, horses are beautiful animals. Take a trip to one of the island's stables in Vieux Fort or Beausejour, Gros-Islet—depending on where you live— and let the four-legged animals do the walking for you. Needless to say, Horseback riding is an unparalleled mix of adventure, relaxation and site-seeing; the perfect ingredients for a memorable V-day celebration.

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