Friday 14 August, 2020

20 things you’d know only if you went to St Mary’s College

St Mary's College

St Mary's College

St Mary’s College is the only all-male Catholic secondary school in St Lucia, located in Vigie, Castries.

Recognized as a brotherhood of ‘Samarians’ as they call themselves, the school prides itself in being the best in every aspect of school life.

They say girls outperform boys, but the institution has continuously proven this statement wrong as St Mary’s College is one of the top schools on the island. The college also carries the mantle for producing St Lucia’s two Nobel Laureates and has been academically trending as one of the top national CXC performers on island.  

The school also boasts a strong extra-curricular program with dedicated teachers who create a fun, supportive environment for students to showcase their talents and make lifelong memories.

If you have attended St Mary’s College in the past 20 years, I’m sure you may relate to a few things on this list. Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Here are some things you'd know only if you attended St Mary’s College:

  1. Mr Seon the Vice Principal – Every single SMC boy has encountered Mr Seon one way or the other. You could hear his footsteps from a mile away and he always, always wore long sleeves. He was famous for always wanting to call/see someone’s mother whenever they were misbehaving, and he was the master of ‘dry jokes’. Seeing students on ‘the bench’ gave him a thrill especially if he was in a bad mood. He was forever dabbing himself with a rag because was constantly sweating.


  1. ‘The bench’ – Students were constantly sent there to be disciplined by Mr Seon.


  1. Mum and Curtis in the canteen – They were known for making the most delicious float and cheese. This was a mandatory morning fix for every SMC boy. In addition, they made fried chicken which was described as ‘the best’.


  1. The ‘blow hole’ – A chill spot for students who wanted to ‘biss’ classes. There was also a cliff that students would jump off. Fun times.


  1. The bottom field – Students would skip classes and hang out in the bush there. The field was also used for sporting activities such as short put, discus, javelin and sometimes football.


  1. Father Clovis – He was the principal who never punished students. Instead, he would lecture them like he was ‘Jesus’ and always spoke in parables.


  1. Ms Alexander – The school detective. Students called her ‘Five-O' or 'Hunter’ because she was always investigating someone. Her job was to give detention to students who were late for classes.


  1. The Art teacher Mr Sandiford -  Well known for developing art at SMC


  1. Cane from ‘Ninja’ – ‘Ninja’ was the Math teacher who was dedicated to disciplining students. Whenever you were sent to him just know you messed up bad.


  1. Graffiti – The boys at SMC loved art which led to loads of graffiti all over the school. There was one time the school was so littered with graffiti that the boys were made to paint the entire school.


  1. Talfest – Annual talent show and fundraiser.


  1. The gym – The most epic SMC fetes were held there. It was like a “Verve in school days.”


  1.  Sports – With the absence of girls, SMC boys spent the majority of their spare time playing sports like cricket, tennis, basketball, and football. As a result, the most phenomenal basketball players came from SMC.


  1.  Carlorting (smacking behind the head using thumb and index finger) – the poor first form boys did not stand a chance when they came in with their bald heads. The form 5 boys would make sure they went through the welcome ritual.


  1.  Class wars – It was short-lived but sure was a fun way for the boys to mark their territories and show which class was superior.


  1.  The night before Jounen Kweyol – Students would do a sleepover at the school to catch a wild pig in the bush.


  1. The Vigie stretch – Every afternoon after school was fun walking the Vigie stretch even in the hot sun.


  1.  Graduation –  This was the only time teachers tried to befriend students. There was always someone falling on stage and of course, you would hear the ‘national word’ here and there.


  1.  Mr Caroo – Everyone’s favorite PE teacher


  1. All College boys dating Convent girls was a myth!

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