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20 things you'd know only if you went to Vieux-Fort Comprehensive

Vieux-Fort Comprehensive Secondary School

Vieux-Fort Comprehensive Secondary School

Vieux-Fort Comprehensive Secondary School (VFCSS) is arguably known as one of the best schools on the island.

With its innovative teaching styles and academic excellence, the school boasts that it is second to none.

Its superiority extends not only in the classroom but also on the tracks. Vieux-Fort Comprehensive Secondary School has dominated inter-school sports and produced many outstanding athletes over the years.

VFCSS praises its dedicated teachers who instill discipline while maintaining a fun, relaxed environment as the major driving force behind the institution’s accomplishments. These teachers have embedded the students with wonderful experiences and certainly unforgettable memories.

Although this list may not apply to all past students of Vieux-Fort Comprehensive, surely if you have attended within the last 20 years you’re likely to identify with a few things which will definitely give you a nostalgic feeling.

So here are some things you'd know only if you attended Vieux-Fort Comprehensive Secondary School:

  1. Campus A to B – VFCSS was the only school on the island with two locations. Campus A which was on New Dock Road where students spent the first two years (Forms 1 & 2) and Campus B in La Ressource where Forms 3-5, Post-Secondary and A-Level were housed.


  1. Campus A bake and cheese – Every single student went crazy over this heavenly “Benz and Cheese” as it was called. There were always super long lines at the canteen. You would spend your entire break period on a line and sometimes never get to taste one. The bakes were always freshly made and served hot, straight out the pan with a massive load of cheese at the top. Makes me drool thinking of this.


  1. The “Sweff” Block– A popular hangout spot where boys tried to pick up girls


  1. Ms Sharmaine- Strict but fun, Vice Principal Josephine Eugene always scoped the school for misbehaving students. Anyone found idling on the ‘Sweff’ block was sure to feel her wrath. Her signature words were “I don’t need a mic for you to hear my voice”. When spotted, students would shout ‘Charmain!’ and everyone would scatter.

Ms Sharmaine

  1. Sports – VFCSS was famous for dominating every single inter-sec sports meet. Not only that, but the school had the highest attendance with more than half the stadium filled with blue, pink and grey uniforms and also yellow and black which was the trademark sports color. Above all, these students had so much energy playing drums and using all kinds of stuff to make the most noises to support their fellow athletes. Oh, the fun times.


  1. School Anthem –  The first verse and chorus were chanted at every Inter-Sec sports meet. I swear this was the only time students knew the words or liked singing the anthem.


  1. Specialized sports uniforms – During sports season we saw some of the most creative forms of the uniform. From short skirts and shirts with crew logos to suspender pants,  to double lines with white thread added to the pants and skirts. The girls wore fishnet stockings.


  1. Outrageous sports hairstyles – A movement began with this. Hairstylists were born from VFCSS. They were outrageous and unique. Girls from every other school wanted to join the movement.


  1.  Miss Julie (Clarke is the best)– Miss Julie was the poster girl for Clarke House (blue). She represented her house so much that she adorned herself in everything blue and constantly teased about how superior Clarke House was.


  1. The auditorium – The purpose of an auditorium is to host school events etc but this one was just standing tall filled with bat poop and for some reason students insisted using this stinky place to hang out or skip classes. I guess the smell helped with the learning, I don’t know.


  1. Cry baby Adline– On behalf of all the students you have ever taught, I would like to say that we are sorry for the many times we made you cry during classes. She was such a soft spoken, timid teacher.


  1. Walks to Moule-A-Chique – This was a requirement for your first Form 1 PE class


  1. The River – Campus B students used to skip school to spend the day there


  1. Court Jam – The pinnacle of end of term. A true throwback version of a Verve session  


  1. Mr  Bellas – The longest reigning PE teacher at VFCSS. Literally everyone knows him


  1. Crews- VFCSS was best known for the multiple cliques who ruled the school yards such as SP (State Property), Thug Angels, Camouflage, PGs, D-Block, AP and Fab-4


  1. Principal “Smiley” – Don’t let principal Gasper catch you slipping because he will observe you with a smirk on his face, hands in his pocket and discipline you whilst on his tip toes.


  1. Last day of school - Writing on each other’s uniforms. Ah, those were the days!


  1. PE uniforms– VFCSS was the first school on island to introduce the grey tracks and white shirt with school color trimmings


  1. “Racho” -  Mr Kenneth Charles, the PE teacher was the guardian of the Form 5 block walking around with his stick to make sure you attended classes

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