Thursday 4 June, 2020

22 Popular and strange things to quit for Lent

Ash Wednesday has passed and though that is the official start day, you can still get in on the giving-up tradition for the Lenten Season. If you want to be a stickler you can keep the habit on Sundays and then you would still have 40 days and 40 nights without X,Y or Z.

At the end of it all, the hope is to be a better you, whether that means healthier, wealthier, more emotionally stable, or just an improvement in some other facet of your life. Better yourself this Lent. Don't just give up because everyone is giving up something.

So what are some popular things that people give up this time of year?

Popular vices people go without

1. Sweet drinks/sodas/carbonated drinks

2. Chocolate

3. Coffee

4. Milk/Ice cream

5. Swearing/Cursing/Cussing

6. Lying

7. Social media – Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, Pinterest etc

8. Partying/Feteing/Clubbing

9. Alcoholic beverages/Cigarettes

10. Chips/Crisps/Corn curls

11. Fast food

12. Meat

Here are 10 things that people can try to stop:

1. Nagging and nitpicking

2. Complaining

3. Being petty

4. Procrastinating

5. Hitting the snooze button on mornings

6. Working late

7. Cancelling plans with friends and family

8. Using your credit card or debit card at point of sale

9. Worrying

10. Being late

For Lent if you fall off the horse get back on and keep going. Nobody is perfect just have your heart in the right place.

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