Saturday 14 December, 2019

Anthony claims Vieux Fort South roads unfixed due to SLP loyalties

Vieux Fort South Parliamentary Representative Kenny Anthony believes that the poor state of some roads in his constituency can be attributed to politics.

The former prime minister posted to Facebook on June 19, 2019:

"During my last term in office I diverted most of my Constituency Development Funds into building concrete roads in various neighbourhoods in Vieux-Fort South. The community of Cantonement, Bruceville, Doe Camel, La Ressource, to name a few benefitted.

The community of Cedar Heights was one of the last places to be touched by this programme. The plan was to completely transform the existed poor road network into new, durable, concrete strips. The main road near Martha's tire service, a connecting road to La Tourney and at least two other areas in Cedar Heights got new concrete roads. It is disheartening that an entire constituency can be made to suffer simply because of its loyalty to the Saint Lucia Labour Party. While the transformation of the road network remains undone, we are hearing of plans by the Chastanet Government to construct new islands in Vieux-Fort South.

These are but a few examples of what currently exists in Vieux-Fort South. Rome was not built in a day, but certainly, this community would have been better in three years as there is evidence that the progress had already started!"

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