Tuesday 29 September, 2020

Array of Independence Activities Culminates on Friday

Several activities are expected to be held today and each day leading up to Friday, the day in which Saint Lucia celebrates its 40th Anniversary of Independence.

Although there are mixed reviews as to whether Saint Lucia, after 40 years of charting its own course, has done an adequate enough job at that, even the critics are contending that there are things worth celebrating in this fortieth year of Independence.

Saturday’s editorial of the leading newspaper on the island ‘The Voice Newspaper” sums it up this way:

“After four decades of Independence we still, it seems, are unable to steer our economy on an even keel, not with a mushrooming national debt, a stubborn unemployment rate that lowers marginally year after year but still finds itself, after 40 years, hovering around the 20 percent mark, a weak agricultural export outlook, a high crime rate with murder a major feature in that scenario, disagreement on a future path of sustainability by our respected political parties and the list goes on.

“But even as we look at the horrors around us and sigh that as a 40-year-old country we should have done better in certain areas, this does not mean that celebration of some sort is not in order. Patriotism and love of country should be things worthy of celebrations.”

And activities there will be, the explosion of which actually starts Wednesday with an Ecumenical Service and community awards. That same day there will be Independence rallies taking place in districts one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight.

On Thursday there will be the unveiling of the highly anticipated sculpture at the Castries Waterfront roundabout called “All In”. That same day will be the 4 X 4 Excursion, the Independence Rally and Award of Excellence, the Best of Saint Lucia, the launch of the Creole Poetry Competition and the big play called “The Saint Lucia Story.”

On Friday, the big day, there’s a community fun walk, fisheries boat ride, domino competition, Independence Day walk, the prime minister's official address, the Independence road relay, a military parade, an Independence Day parade, a Wolaylabar cricket match, Super MotoX and the Independence island ride.

More activities are scheduled for the weekend including the Prime Minister’s Ball on Saturday.

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