Sunday 20 September, 2020

A Bajan Road Trip: 10 foods Barbadians make best

Barbadians cook some foods better.

Fight us! We said what we said and that's that on THAT.

It's World Food Day and Loop is sharing 10 foods that Bajans make better than anyone else in the World.

  1. Macaroni Pie - The World is accustomed to Mac & Cheese but that can't compete with Bajan macaroni pie. And no, it's not like tuna casserole without the tuna. Come to Barbados if you've never tried it. 
  2. Cou-cou - Africans have fufu or ugali or tooh or banku and all those names yet it's not the same. It's made of cornmeal and okras. It's best served with lots of gravy whether a fish gravy or pork stew or beef stew. The jury is out on the best meat or fish to have with Cou-Cou, but Cou-Cou and flying fish is Barbados' national dish.
  3. Flying fish - Part of Barbados' national dish, this small fish can be done in so many ways by Bajans. Favourite ways are fried flying fish in a cutter, or rolled on a toothpick like a fish kebab, or boiled in gravy. 

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  4. Shepherd's Pie - The Mexican's have a spicy beef and bean casserole that looks similar. The Irish also have a dish called Shepherd's pie with the same main ingredients. And though this dish and name originated in the UK, no one can make it like a Bajan. It's all in the seasoning. But top it off with grated Anchor New Zealand cheddar cheese and it's delicioso! Oh...and don't let a Bajan be out of minced beef and make you a corned beef Shepherd's pie, you may never switch back.
  5. One-two-three - Bajans are quick cookers when it's necessary. Every Bajan has rushed home with their belly touching their back and put on a one-two-three quick, quick. As soon as the water boils the potatoes are cut up in chunks and dropped in. Before the fork can pass through them easily some macaroni or elbows are added, and once the pasta is soft enough, the stove is out. The water is thrown off and the corned beef is added. Stir twice with some butter and seasoning salts along with litlle ketchup and pepper sauce. Plate it. Some people blow and eat, while others are so famished that they sklupuhdescloopshloop theirs. 
  6. Suck biscuits - This is also called cooked biscuits. This is another quick Bajan meal involving biscuits, sweet peppers, onions, seasoning, and for some they may add ham, or leftover chicken or salt fish, or sausages or just eat it like a vegan without added meat. 

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  7. Stuffing with Eclipse biscuits - Around the World they make stuffing, but if it ain't made with Eclipse a Bajan won't rate it. PERIODT!
  8. Pudding and souse - You may not like sweet potato until you have it this way. If you fancy pork, give souse a try. This is Bajan's National Dish on Saturdays. Cou-Cou and flying fish gets two days off per week - Saturday and Sunday, in most Bajan households.
  9. Fried pork chop - A good fried pork chop has you wishing for more when you notice you're almost done. You haven't lived if you're a "pork mout" but never had a fried chop from Freddie's in Baxter's Road, St Michael in Barbados.
  10. Fried chicken - You can come for us all day and we'll still say the same. Home fried chicken by a Bajan especially if done in a cast iron pot is BEST! Bajans slice the chicken pieces and insert Bajan seasoning in and all over the chicken after lime and salting and cleaning it. Then they dip it in flour with bread crumbs, few may base it in egg, but either way, once fried all the way through it comes out golden brown, crispy and tasty.

What's your favourite Bajan dish?

Happy World Food Day!

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