Saturday 20 October, 2018

Baptiste: Cenac's appointment an 'assault' on Laborie

During this morning's SLP press conference, Parliamentary Representative for Laborie Alva Baptiste said that his constituency was experiencing great anger over the selection of Neville Cenac as Governor General.

Baptiste stated that perhaps only one or two people in Laborie would be approving of the appointment and described those few as people who would support the UWP even if it were led by Satan and the SLP was led by Jesus Christ.

Baptiste said that Cenac as Governor General is a 'direct assault' on Laborie. He spelled it out strongly in an statement which is partially excerpted below:

"What it is about Neville Cenac, a man of no integrity or ability, who never held a job outside of political office since he left his job in 1974 as a clerk in his brother’s law office to go to England to study law that would recommend him to the office of Governor General? He returned to St Lucia from England in 1981, never having passed his law exams, and – with no qualification or experience in broadcasting or management - was appointed Manager of Radio St. Lucia by his brother, Winston Cenac, who was then the Prime Minister. Neville Cenac’s next job was as Leader of the Opposition, after he persuaded Sir Allen Louisy to hand him the Labour Party’s safe Laborie seat.

In 1985, Julian Hunte took over the leadership of the Labour Party and led the party in April 1987 to within one seat of forming the Government and became Leader of the Opposition. John Compton called a second election in April 1987 on the basis that he could not run the Government on a one-seat majority, and when the second election produced the same 9 – 8 result, Neville Cenac, crossed the floor to give Compton the parliamentary majority he desired, and Compton rewarded Cenac with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Never was such an act of political treachery perpetrated on the people of St Lucia and it (along with its perpetrator) will live on in infamy in the political history of this country. So will the appointment of Neville Cenac as the Governor General of St. Lucia. I reiterate that Prime Minister Chastanet’s appointment of Neville Cenac to the position of Governor General is to desecrate the inner sanctum of this high office.

How can Prime Minister Chastanet appoint to this high office a man who has to preside over the Joint sitting of the Parliament; in the very chamber where he crossed the floor.

After more than three decades Laborians are still trying to recover from this betrayal, their anger, their grief, their disappointments, their disappointments. Should the vehicle carrying Neville Cenac should veer off course and accidentally enters Laborian airspace it is highly improbable that he will be greeted with pomp and pageantry (Consistent with the treatment of a head of State) attendant to the office of Governor General."