Thursday 6 August, 2020

Bestiality accusation allegedly behind deadly sibling dispute

An accusation of bestiality allegedly led to one brother beheading another in the community of Crochas Mountain in St James, Jamaica on Thursday.

A mother is now left in mourning and will have to bury her son, 25-year-old Dale Hylton, while another one of her sons, 33-year-old Kevin McLeod, is being sought by the police.

The macabre incident allegedly erupted out of a dispute between the siblings after McLeod accused his brother of bestiality with a goat. The younger brother reportedly grew incensed with the accusation and the two siblings got into a fight despite the efforts of their mother to quell the dispute.

McLeod reportedly armed himself with a machete and inflicted a chop to his younger brother’s neck, severing his sibling's head in the process before fleeing to the hills.

A joint police/military team has launched a manhunt to apprehend the older brother.

A police source was tight-lipped on the incident but confirmed that investigators had been given reports of the bestiality accusations.

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