Monday 28 September, 2020

Big Chief Mobile Restaurant captures Mama’s home cooking

Big Chief’s Mobile Restaurant

Big Chief’s Mobile Restaurant

You never know what you’re going to get at Big Chief’s Mobile Restaurant—that’s because the menu changes every single day.

But what you do know is that you’ll leave the Bois D'Orange spot with a full and happy stomach thanks to culinary veteran, Chef Morella’s famous recipes.

There is an inextricable link between Big Chief’s food and my childhood memories that I cannot explain. The food is hearty and has that mother’s touch which creates a rainbow of flavors in your mouth.

Chef Morella alongside a fish dish

The directors of Big Chief Mobile Restaurant—Morella Joseph Vitalis, Roston Eleuthere and Aiesha Vitalis—have transformed a cliché food truck setting into an exquisite dining experience.

Fresh, nutritious, local dishes are served daily which seldomly includes fast foods. However, if sloppy burgers, fried chicken and fries are your preferred eats, you can indulge in their ‘evening snacks’.

In addition, Chef Morella whips up succulent foods such as seafood, chicken and barbequed meats paired with a variety of sides.

Did I mention they serve bouillon? I’m drooling while writing this because Big Chief’s meat lovers bouillon is the plug. It is the most meaty, flavorful bowl of comfort one could ever experience. Not forgetting their signature mango chutney which is a favorite among their customers.

Aside from the food, drinks are available for your satisfaction including the famous Big Chief sea moss.

The service there is second to none and experience is like eating at a fancy restaurant. The staff are friendly and cater to your every need including providing you with sanitizer rags to disinfect your hands before your meal.

Although it is an outdoor setting, the seating is comfortable, the place is well kept and inviting.

Above all the prices are reasonable.

Big Chief restaurant will be including some very interesting activities to their mobile restaurant setting in the coming months such as wine and cheese tastings and live entertainment which aligns with their motto to make their joint a fun place for everyone.

‘Come wine and dine exquisitely’ at Big Chief Mobile Restaurant and indulge in some food porn via Instagram @bigchief758

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