Sunday 5 July, 2020

Businesses in south need to be ready for coming opportunities

CEO of Invest Saint Lucia, Roderick Cherry

CEO of Invest Saint Lucia, Roderick Cherry

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Invest Saint Lucia, Roderick Cherry, has made a clarion call for the members of the Southern Business Association (SBA) to be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities which will be afforded to them when government completes the various projects earmarked for the south of the island.

Cherry, who gave the feature address at the association’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), which took place in Vieux-Fort on Wednesday, told Loop News in an interview that the projects earmarked for the south of the island will be redounded to the benefits of residents of the south and by extension the entire island.

Among the few projects he identified earmarked for the south was the Point Sable Development Project in Vieux-Fort, which he said will transform the south.

“The businesses in the south need to ensure that they are ready when the development happens,” Cherry told Loop News, adding that the projects are definitely coming.

He said if the Southern Business Association, which is a legally registered organization with a membership of over 40 businesses, does not take advantage of the opportunities, other people will take it.

Cherry said what is needed at the moment is more dialogue between the business association and the various governmental agencies.

According to the CEO of Invest Saint Lucia, his major concern is that the business community is not putting enough effort into ensuring that they are prepared to take advantage of the transformation of the south.

“My main concern is that there is await and see attitude. They are not forward-thinking…” Cherry said, adding that the opportunities may be missed when things happen.

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