Thursday 21 June, 2018

Carnival Traffic Management Plans Go Into Effect This Afternoon

Motorists heading either to the north of the island via the Sab Playing Field or south into the city via the same route are asked to take heed of a disruption in the flow of traffic as early as 4:00 this afternoon.

This is when the traffic management plan for carnival events to be held at the playing field, the venue for all major carnival related events, goes into effect and will remain in effect tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday.

Dorian O’Brian, Assistant Commissioner Operations said the arrangements are necessary since carnival shows actually kick off tonight at the field with the staging of the King and Queen of the Band.

“There will be a no entry policy into the Sab area where we will have a ‘No Entry’ sign at Sans Soucie next to the Fisheries Complex,” O’Brian said.

He also announced the route the carnival bands participating in Monday morning Jouvert session will take, adding that those bands will be under police escort so as to prevent incidents of violence occurring.

The street jump up session usually starts as early as 4:30 a.m., but will go up to 8:00 a.m., Monday O’Brian said, hoping there won’t be any major disruptions that would cause police to end the session prematurely.

The Jouvert bands will gather at Bananes, although one will start off from Vigie, for their jump us session through the main streets of the City of Castries. The jump up session actually begins near the Castries Market on Jeremie Street from where the bands move down Peynier Street into Micoud Street, up Manoel Street and into Jeremie Street.

“If there are no major disruption, which we are hoping there won’t be, by 8:00 a.m. we (police) will shut down Jouvert activities and move into the parade of the bands,” O’Brian said.