Wednesday 8 July, 2020

Castries City to be the envy of regional capitals

Castries City Mayor Peterson Francis wants to make the city the envy of other regional capitals.

He has set out a programme that aims to bring back beauty and social order to the place.

Francis gave an insight of his programme of beautification and orderliness of the city at his first Mayor’s Mix – Cocktail Party Thursday night at Sandals Halcyon, an event that brought together councilors, parliamentarians and other members of the society to share ideas and visions for the city and the commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Castries Constituency Council.

“Good things are happening in Castries and our downtown is starting to become alive,” Francis said despite just one month ago he announced a clampdown on anti-social behaviour in the city, while describing it as maybe the largest pit-stop in the eastern Caribbean.

“It is becoming vibrant, pleasant and a fun place to shop, eat or just stroll along the sidewalks enjoying the atmosphere. It is becoming exciting and we are just getting started,” he said.

According to him the city had made good strides in many areas.

“We will see the transformation of the Bananes Bay area in collaboration with SLASPA and an enhancement to include benches and wi-fi at Constitution Park. In addition, the market will be transformed, life will be brought occasionally to Serenity Park with live entertainment and the sludge treatment facility at Union will be relocated,” he said.

Francis promises to introduce clamping for illegal parking, claiming that the clamps are already in his office. He also promised to introduce car-parks along the John Compton Highway and parking meters in the City within three months.

“Character will be given to the building housing the City Police, Office of the Mayor, Castries Constituency Council and the City Hall through some major remodeling. The City will also be beautified and redeveloped in partnership with our Government and a series of improvements to the City’s infrastructures will begin. We are awaiting the Castries re-development master plan from the Prime Minister’s office so we can proceed with much energy,” Francis said.

“We will work closely with the Ministry of Local Government to improve several areas. It is our goal to make Castries City the envy of other regional capitals,” he added.

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