Monday 20 May, 2019

CCC offers to take on garbage collection in Castries

The Castries Constituencies Council (CCC) wants control of garbage collection and disposal in the city of Castries and has prepared a proposal to the Cabinet of Ministers suggesting such action.

The proposal is a challenge to the St. Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority which is the government agency responsible for garbage collection in the country.

So far there has been no word from the Authority on this matter, however, Loop News understands that the two parties met last Wednesday at which the matter was discussed.

“We are now making a plea to Cabinet for the CCC to take over garbage collection in Castries north, Castries east, Castries south and Castries Central,” Mayor Peterson Francis said.

Justin Sealy, the authoritative voice at the Authority could not be reached to discuss the matter despite several attempts to get a response.

Francis is unhappy with complaints coming to his office of garbage strewn on the ground on days not allocated for collection and wants the practice stopped.

“Over the past months there have been several concerns over untidiness and garbage collection in the City of Castries and extended communities. Members of the public have been calling several talk shows stating their concerns, in addition to newspaper stories which indicate the same.

“While we understand the reactions and share some of the concerns, I need to state abundantly that we (CCC) are not responsible for garbage collection. This were so some years ago but those contracts were taken away and given to private contractors as per Cabinet conclusion. It is those contractors who are failing to provide the service required and we urged them to live up to the contractual obligations,” Francis said.

At a press conference earlier today, he called on the agencies of government responsible for enforcing laws dealing with garbage collection to do what they are empowered to do.

The CCC, Francis said, is not responsible for garbage collection as it used to in the past, however, it is ready and willing to provide supplementary support to the government agency responsible for garbage collection, if needs be.

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