Monday 25 May, 2020

Chastanet Ridicules Pierre’s Stuttering at UWP Public Meeting

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet’s ridiculed the way Opposition Leader Philip J Pierre speaks at the UWP Public Meeting in Soufriere on Sunday, June 9, 2019.

Said the prime minister, “When we were in opposition we said to you, Labour Party cannot move into OKEU (Hospital) because they don’t have the money, and we were right. They made all kinds of excuses, the same way that Philip Pierre stutters, that’s what they were doing as a government, stuttering. Every time you asked them when they are going in, bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu,” said Chastanet to laughter from some supporters.

Pierre stutters slightly when he speaks, something all Saint Lucians know and have shown acceptance of. However, Chastanet, at the political meeting, somewhat surprised some of his own supporters when targeted Pierre’s stuttering.

Chastanet’s verbal antics hit social media not long after he made them and instantly came under attack from some corners. The prime minister has not been the only person to have jeered Pierre’s speech patterns.

However, Pierre’s supporters were quick to counter Chastanet’s rebuke of their leader’s stammering by posting on social media Pierre’s response:

“I am no showman, nor am I an actor. My detractors say I stammer, but I rather stammer the truth than speak lies eloquently. This is who I am, I give you myself as I am,” said Pierre, remarks made at an indoor meeting of the party sometime back.

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