Monday 18 November, 2019

Commissioner Moncherry Asks Government for 50 More Officers

The application, made by Police Commissioner Severin Moncherry, comes in light of an unprecedented level of violent crimes at the start of the year which to date has resulted in 14 homicides, including one fatal police shooting.

Home Affairs and National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis announced the move by Moncherry at a sit-down with reporters. He said he was certain that Prime Minister Allen Chastanet would look favourably at the application.

“The Prime Minister has given us the assurance that he will take care of the police force,” Francis said.

The request for additional police officers is needed as the police force is going through a tough period with the resources at its disposal.

Acting Police Commissioner Milton Desir drew attention to the manpower shortage being experienced by the police force when he stated that the organization was confined in terms of the resources at its disposal.

“We have incidents of crime everywhere and so we need to deploy the resources effectively. We have places like Hospital Road, Conway and Marchand; all these areas need attention. With the limited resources we have to use what we have wisely,” Desir said.

He explained that due to the manpower shortage the police force is doing its best in ensuring that first responders would be at the crime scene within a certain reasonable time.

The crime upsurge is forcing the police force to strategize in an effort to beat it. It is towards this end that Moncherry is devising a formula as to how he will police communities threatened by violent crime.

“We have seen the breakdown in the country’s social fabric so it is for the government now to put in plans and policies that can address these kind of things,” Francis said.

He said that the police will engage in the soft and strong types of policing all in an effort at stemming the surge in criminal activities.

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