Saturday 6 June, 2020

Customers happy with massively improved shopping experience at Massy

Lines moving along at Massy Mega

Lines moving along at Massy Mega

The chaotic shopping experience that St Lucians endured outside Massy stores upon the easing of the 24-hour curfew this week has been addressed.

Today, Thursday, April 9, 2020, happy customers saw that the gridlocked lines and closely packed huddles at entrances were replaced with shorter, significantly faster-moving lines to gain entry to the stores and well-executed social distancing measures, including the use of barricades.

Massy Rodney Heights

Massy also made use of a vehicle fitted with speakers to move around from store to store informing customers on the coronavirus and how to practice social distancing.

It includes audio from Dr Stephen King in English and Dr Jimmy Flecther in Creole, explaining the virus, sharing the do's and don'ts, and imploring people to follow the safety precautions. 

Some of the messaging including in the audio can be seen below:

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