Tuesday 29 September, 2020

D’Angel labels Spice a 'hypocrite' as feud heats up

D'Angel uploaded a video over the weekend addressing allegations made by fellow dancehall artiste Spice.

D'Angel uploaded a video over the weekend addressing allegations made by fellow dancehall artiste Spice.

Dancehall star D'Angel uploaded a video addressing the speculation around the origins of her 'No Worries' collaboration with Spice, directly addressing comments made by Spice on social media a few days ago. 

D’Angel started off the video in a spiritual manner, singing 'dirty Satan yu can't prevail', then sprinkled rum, 'spin her roll’ as she sought to 'cut and clear the crosses' out of her life. 

"You (Spice) and mi sister, bear mi witness. Jackie always in touch, you keep telling mi sister that you want to do a song with me. Mi say ‘Father God, mi never ready fi no song with you yet’. When me see the upsurge in tear down with female artistes in the business, mi say a time now. Same time Zum send me the riddim and dem label you as one who don't collaborate with nobody and don't give woman strength. Mi say now Jackie is the time. She gimme your number... mi call yuh… (she) ah time now to do collaboration, and you never hesitate," D'Angel stated.


She added that the 'No Worries' song was written by Rohan 'Jah Snowcone' Fuller.

"Mi call Snowcone and say mi need something Billboard-worthy. Snowcone write the song; mi call yuh lady, and mi never did a call, call yuh phone neither. We link up two days after and she greet me with love, mi greet her with love, mi never mek what she do mi affect this cause mi a do it fi the music and the unity. Mi never mek it affect the collaboration. We rip it up, the song become a number one song all over the world, and inna the people dem heart, people, mi promote the song with all mi heart; mi run with the song, it reach where it deh. Mi thank you for the collaboration, but lady, mi no owe yuh nothing," D’Angel said.

She spoke about Spice's 'God Complex'.

"Yuh nuh worthy to be praised. One man to be praised, one man mi praise, ah the Most High. Mi nuh praise human being. If yuh did(n’t) have no worries, when dem invite yuh fi sing fi Parliament and Government, dem wouldn’t lock off the mike pon you," she said.

D'Angel labelled Spice a "hypocrite", ridiculing Spice's 'Black Hypocrisy' single, and even intimated that Spice had bleached her skin for years.

"Which woman yuh ah empower? Yuh a di quickest woman to tear down a next woman inna dancehall, outta dancehall, anywhere at all. How mi a guh come ah yuh Woman Empowerment All come support yuh? Eh? That means that (all) along yuh a hypocrite, and hate me. Why yuh invite me there if yuh know yuh hate me and ignorant fi me? Mi come because mi nah show no grudge, Ms Hypocrite. Who ah the true definition of hypocrisy? Hypocrite! Yuh a come talk ‘bout Black Hypocrisy? Yuh like yourself? Do you like your skin colour? No, you don't.. If you don't love yourself, you can't love others, yuh bleach for years and it caan come 'cause yuh skin thick like a rubber. Through mi brown and God bless, mi and mi natural, and mi proud of myself, and mi don't do nothing to mi body. Ms. Botched Body, yuh nuh love nobody, yuh nuh like yourself," D'Angel said.

D'Angel also addressed the matter of 'reputation', alluding to her relationships with Bounty Killer and Beenie Man.

"At least the whole world know ‘bout my two man dem. Mi proud, mi mek history inna dancehall. Anno me dem tek outta go go club and (turn) inna artiste, cut and clear," she said. 

Over a week ago, Spice, via her Instagram Live Q&A with her fans, lambasted Beenie Man’s ex-wife D’Angel, with whom she did a collaboration last year, titled ‘No Worries’. Spice suggested that D'Angel literally stalked her to get the song done, but soon after the song was released, she never heard from her again.

“D’Angel called down me phone, she waan do collaboration and thing. Remember unnu know say nothing never did a gwaan for Angel,” Spice said as her dancers looks on. “A no lie me a tell; nothing never did a gwaan for Angel until me give her the song ‘No Worries’,” said Spice.

She said she was equally upset that D’Angel allowed her stylist to disrespect her on social media recently in a separate feud with a member of Team Spice. The ‘So Mi Like It’ deejay has had a history of run-ins with Beenie Man, as a member of the deejay's entourage reportedly boxed her in the face years ago.

Last year, Spice and Beenie Man squared off on social media over who is the current king and queen of dancehall.

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