Saturday 4 April, 2020

Digicel looks forward to Carnival 2020 after top spot sweep for 2019

Digicel has expressed a heartfelt congratulations to all of its sponsored bands that performed exceptionally well on the road for Carnival 2019.

Securing the top spot and taking the Band of the Year title was Tribe of Twel with its stunning presentation of 'Afolabe'. On the heels of this accolade, new comer Xuvo convincingly copped 2nd place with its inaugural staging of 'Her Majesty'. 

The sweep continued when Fuzion Mas worked its way into third place with its flamboyant 'Butterfly Effect'. The deal was ultimately sealed when Just4Fun’s 'Phobia- Break Free' was awarded 4th.

Digicel’s Marketing Manager, Jamisha Wright was ecstatic that the entertainment element of the brand was brought to life, calling it a great year for the telecoms and entertainment provider.

She beamed: “We have strategically sought after key bands, teams and events that undoubtedly had the potential to deliver the best Carnival experience to patrons and revelers. I truly loved the way the brand was presented on the road, highlighting the various elements of the St Lucian Culture, talents and more.”

Digicel’s two junior bands weren't left out of the congratulations either. Jamisha also lauded their performances, adding: “We must also congratulate our two junior bands, Nous Wivay and Xtatic for securing the 2nd and 3rd spots respectively in the Junior Band of the Year Competition. 

"This was truly a season to Live d’Rhythm and Live the Experience with Digicel. We eagerly await 2020, to provide an even better experience to all Digicel customers, partners and the St Lucian public at large.”

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