Monday 24 February, 2020

Disciplinary action to be taken against several St Lucian lawyers

The President of the Bar Association of Saint Lucia has expressed concerns over the number of lawyers with reports before the disciplinary committee; all made by clients.

“Presently, the Disciplinary Committee of the Bar Association has referred 13 cases to the High Court for determination, as the Committee believed that the punishment required exceeded its powers,” Renee St Rose said.

According to the attorney, the matter has not only attracted the attention of the public but other lawyers as well.

President of the Bar Association of Saint Lucia, Renee St Rose

“It affects the image of the bar tremendously because people generally don’t trust lawyers and they have that concern that lawyers are not disciplined.”

According to the senior attorney, lawyers recognizing their obligations to their clients and being held accountable to clients and the public will only achieve public confidence in the Bar Association.

However, these cases are yet to be heard.

St Rose says she has received several telephone calls from complainants, expressing disappointment in the Bar and the Court.

“The Bar Council wants these cases heard and have requested that steps be taken to have these matters determined. It is important that lawyers admitted to our Bar are held accountable to their clients and the public. Further, the Bar Council will be proposing an amendment of our Legal Profession Act to provide Accounting Rules for management of trust accounts by our lawyers,” she said.

Our process does not allow the Disciplinary committee of the Bar Association to disbar or suspend lawyers for inappropriate behavior; it is something that is done by the court.

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