Wednesday 3 June, 2020

Distraught family hopes decomposed body is missing VF teen

The family of the teenager of Vieux-Fort who has been missing for over a month says they wish the decomposed body found in Babonneau a few weeks ago is his body.

Michael Blades, 19, alias “Coco Boy” has been missing without a trace since November 24, 2019, the same day he was released from custody at the Choiseul Police Station.

The distraught family of Blades say their hopes of finding him alive has been dashed for some weeks now due to what they heard in Vieux-Fort regarding his disappearance.

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“I wish the body found in Babonneau was that of “Coco Boy” so we can have a peaceful funeral for him. We really want to get over this whole thing and “free up our minds”, Wendy Blades, the uncle of the missing teen told Loop News.

The missing teen’s mother Deborah grieved: “I am in distress. I want to see my son’s body.”

On Monday, she took a DNA test to determine whether the body found in the secluded area in Babonneau was that of her son and is now awaiting the result.

The family is so desperate to find out who is responsible for Michael's disappearance that they sought the service of a witch doctor to furnish them with the answers.

According to Wendy, they were told by the witch doctor that the persons who are responsible for Coco's disappearance are all from Vieux-Fort and usually associate with him.

In recounting what they were told by the witch doctor, he said: “They killed him and made him suffer before he died. When they buried him, he still had some life in him. They even squeezed his testicles before he died.”

Wendy said he had warned his nephew about the persons he associated with, adding that had he listened to him, maybe he would still be alive today.

He revealed that the witch doctor told them that a police officer is an accomplice in the matter.  

The uncle said that the family believes what the witch doctor told them because they had heard some of what they were told in Vieux-Fort a few weeks ago.

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