Thursday 2 July, 2020

Do we look like we building a polyclinic that has 96 beds? - Joseph

Ahead of today's sitting of the House of Assembly, Minister for Economic Development, Housing, Urban Renewal, Transport and Civil Aviation Guy Joseph spoke with reporters.

Joseph was asked for clarity on what the term level 4 facility meant in regards to the rebuilding of St Jude Hospital and if we can expect that the rebuilt hospital would offer the same or better services as the old one.

The minister claimed to not understand the question, at which time the reporter said that some people understand the term level 4 facility to mean a polyclinic.

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The minister responded saying, "Do we look like we building a polyclinic that has 96 beds?"

Joseph continued, "When people for their own political mischief will try and change the reality, I think before the media asks us these questions, the media needs to establish basic information... how can the hospital be a polyclinic? To even ask me that a 96-bed facility, whether it's going to be a polyclinic or hospital, I believe is absurd."

Joseph added, "We gave a complete breakdown of each of the sections of the hospital that is being built and the services that are being offered. It means that when information is given, the information is not taken for the value of the information."

Joseph challenged the media to be more responsible in the questions they ask and posited that perhaps people are confused as there is a polyclinic being built in Dennery.

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