Sunday 29 November, 2020

CMO: St Lucia quarantine facilities best in region

Quarantine facilities in Saint Lucia have been deemed the best in the region by Chief Medical Officer Dr Sharon Belmar-George.

Dr Belmar-George’s statement follows horror stories of patients being kept in poor conditions at government quarantine facilities on the island; complaints of unhygienic and inhospitable conditions, individuals not being fed on time, bad food, and bad service.

“We’ve done some investigations on a lot of those and most of this is false,” the COVID-19 Czar said.

According to her, the meals are provided on time and the necessary sanitation is done.

Several hotels on the island were identified as Government Quarantine Facilities since March when Saint Lucia recorded its first case of COVID-19 that has so far infected 76 people.

“These are the same hotels that are being used by guests and if you compare this to what happens to the rest of the region where schools and old buildings are adapted, the quality of our quarantine services way surpasses the other conditions,” Belmar-George declared.

“As much as possible the nurses at the Centres try their best to ensure that persons there are comfortable and I think it’s the minority that is complaining and whenever there is a complaint we bring it up to the hotel manager to see how it can be improved within a short period of time,” she added.

While she says the Ministry of Health is responsible for the quarantine facilities, the management of the facility remains that of the resort.

As of October 16, 2020, the Government of Saint Lucia imposed fees for persons going into quarantine facilities saying it had become too costly for the state.

The rates are US$95.00 for single occupancy; US$165.00 for double occupancy and US$240.00 for triple occupancy.

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