Friday 14 August, 2020

Former 'tourism worker' Ecstasy ties the knot

Ella Prospere Felicien, also known as Ecstasy, is living her fairytale life.

The former ‘tourism worker’ tied the knot on Saturday at the Gros-Islet Nazareen Church.

Ella, who has made headlines in St Lucia over the past few years, has been on the straight and narrow path to changing her life.

“I used to be a tourism worker. I am a changed, a blessed and anointed woman, so this is a big change. I changed my life first and I asked God to bless me with a husband and we have two beautiful children. So, there is a big change meaning things I used to do, I do them no more,” said the newlywed.

According to her, the two met a few years ago in Gros-Islet and her now-husband never judged her about her past.

“I thank God for him. The young man I am married to, he didn’t scorn me and watch me like anybody else. He watched me as a wife, and I am somebody. You know I just want to thank him again for loving me, for making that big step. Getting married is a big step and Mr Felicien thank you very much,” said Ella.

The new wife says that she is using her past as a stepping stone to brighten her future and wants to raise her two daughters in a Godly home with respectful ways and manners: “I will say to my two girls, do not go down the path I went, and this is why I changed my life.”

She further went on to say that she is saddened by persons making negative comments about her: “I feel sad but on the other hand, there is a saying that says what don’t kill me makes me stronger. When you bring it at me, it motivates me to get stronger.

What I did in the past it might strike up and creep up and haunt me but this is why God gave me a loving young man to stand by me so it will not trouble me because I know he got my back. The persons that are doing that, you guys are sad because I am the one shining right now.”

Her advice to young girls: “What I want to say to young girls is even if you make a mistake in your life, you can change your life and have a brighter future because my future is bright and I’m motivating myself because I want your’ll to follow my footsteps. You can make a mistake in your life but you are the one who has to correct yourself.”

Ella would like to thank everyone who motivated her and has been with her throughout her journey and says the fairytale will not end but has just begun.

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