Thursday 3 December, 2020

Elderly fisherman to be compensated for stolen lobster catch

Robinson Rismay

Robinson Rismay

The elderly fisherman of Choiseul from who approximately 200 pounds of lobster were stolen will be compensated.

That’s according to the president of the Choiseul Fishermen Cooperative Society Ltd, Richardson Jn Baptiste, in an interview with Loop News.

“We will be carrying out an investigation into the matter, but for sure he will be compensated. I will ensure that he gets something that he will be comfortable with from our distress fund,” Jn Baptiste said.

Choiseul fishing port

Robinson Rismay discovered his lobsters were stolen from his fish pot at the Choiseul Fishing Port a few days after he last saw them.

The incident, which occurred just over a week ago, has left the 80-year-old fisherman, who earns a living by selling lobster to Jalousie hotel, in distress.

Jn Baptiste said the matter is of concern to the cooperative.

According to Jn Baptise, the cooperative has adopted a policy where every fisherman who puts his fish pots at the fishing port, must inform the cooperative, adding that fish pots outside the port are not under their care.

Jn Baptiste said based on the information he receives from the cooperative, Rismay is the only fisherman who does that.

He said he has heard of stealing taking place at the fishing port before his tenure as president of the cooperative, but since assuming the post just over a year ago, it is the first time he has been aware that lobsters have been stolen from a fisherman of the community.

According to Jn Baptiste, a security consultant at Anse Chastanet/Jade Mountain Resorts, such a situation will be under control when they install CCTV Cameras at the complex. He said they will commence installing them today.

He added that several months ago, they installed additional lights at the port to deter criminal activities.

“As a security consultant, I know the importance of cameras. It will serve as a big deterrent. We have to be proactive and can’t wait for something to happen before we take action,” Jn Baptiste explained.

“I am very much concerned about the security of everybody doing business at the port. This is the reason why I want to ensure we have both personnel security and electronic security at the complex,” Jn Baptiste added.

He called on the fishers of the community to play their part in ensuring their properties are safe. Jn Baptiste advises them to call him personally or report to the office anything unusual they see happening at the fishing port.

Jn Baptiste said the cooperative has gone a long way from where it was, adding that it has started to gain the confidence of the fishers and members of the cooperative.

“I try to let them know their worth to the organization,” he said.

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