Friday 10 July, 2020

Emma Hippolyte self-quarantines after contact with suspected case

Former Minister for Commerce and Trade, Emma Hippolyte has placed herself along with her sister under self-quarantine after interacting with an individual who displayed signs and symptoms of the novel coronavirus on Monday, March 16, 2020.

"We came into contact with a male individual who is said to be suspect for the virus, so they took him to Castries where he was tested and under quarantine, however, they have not received the test results," Hippolyte told Loop News.

The former government minister said she and her sister are not taking any chances and will err on the side of caution despite not having any symptoms related to the pandemic.

"We felt we had to play it safe and just stay in until a full 14 days after the interaction has passed," she said.

"We are in constant dialogue with the Ministry of Health officials from the time the matter was reported and we told them everything. We did a test, they came in and took our temperatures today, it's ok, they will continue coming but the key thing is they are awaiting the guy's results maybe tomorrow and from there they will do what they have to do."

The male patient is believed to have arrived from the United Kingdom.

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