Thursday 2 April, 2020

Events Company of St Lucia leaves employees unemployed

UPDATE - ECSL released the following press release:

"The Events Company of St. Lucia (ECSL) was incorporated as a non-profit government company for management and production of all National Events and Festivals in Saint Lucia. 

The Company was incorporated in April 2017 with a temporary staff structure and it was envisaged that the structure would be reviewed after two years of operation of the Company to put in place a more permanent structure or a structure pertinent to the needs of the organization.

That review has now been done, by the Board of Directors with the approval of the Minister of Creative Industries, and a new organizational structure has been conceptualized that is better aligned to the current needs of the business and reflects the present-day vision and mandate of the policy makers.

Consequently, job positions at ECSL have been made redundant, to allow the new organizational structure to be implemented. Nine employees, out of a total complement of 14 employees, have been affected by the redundancy, as those employees were hired under the ‘temporary staff structure.’ The effective date of redundancy is the 31st, January 2020. The timing of the reorganization is necessary so as to give sufficient time for the new structure to take effect prior to the commencement of the 20/20 Summer Festivals.

From the 1st February, the company would have by then, embarked on a recruitment process and during this time monthly contracts will be offered to some of those nine employees to ensure continuity of business and a smooth transition into the new structure. The new positions, as per the revised Organizational Structure, will be advertised and all employees will have the opportunity to apply for any of the new roles."

Original story:

Reliable sources have informed Loop News that a total of 12 employees of Events Company of St Lucia (ECSL) have been made redundant.

The content of the redundancy letters explain that the positions will be re-advertised and the very same employees are eligible to re-apply for their positions. 

According to our sources, the organization is undergoing a restructuring effort.

Many of the employees had crossed over from the St Lucia Tourism Board.

The company had recently brought on a new CEO in the person of Mrs Lorraine Sidonie.

The issue of redundacy is not new to governing bodies like the ECSL.

ECSL's most recent major undertaking involved a joint effort with the Cultural Development Foundation and the Folk research center for the staging of Jounen Kweyol activities.

History shows the same action was taken some years back with St Lucia Tourist Board.

There are no further details at this time.

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