Wednesday 30 September, 2020

Execution-style Reduit killing may have been motivated by dispute

Eyewitnesses of St Lucia’s most recent homicide say that the execution-style killing may have been motivated by a dispute.

John Baptiste Honora, 55, was gunned down by an unknown assailant Wednesday, February 12, 2020, while he was getting out of his vehicle next to his girlfriend's home opposite the Reduit Playing Field.

The deceased sustained multiple gunshots to the body, including one to the head.

One resident who witnessed the ordeal, and spoke to Loop News on condition of anonymity, said the execution-style killing may have been triggered by a dispute with persons known to him.

The eyewitness told Loop News that they heard the victim’s frantic son, who they estimated to be around 20-years-old, expressing disbelief just after the incident that his father had been killed for a specific reason.

Another added: “They come there to kill him, they didn’t come there to rob him or something.”

Police at the scene of the killing

Reduit residents are disturbed over the incident and have expressed concern, despite the incident being the first of its kind in the area. What is shocking, according to one resident, is the fact that the shooting occurred in broad daylight and in plain sight of residents.

“The man parked in front of one of the police officer’s homes round the corner by the hedge and then he walked up to the guy and just shot him. That happen during the day, everybody was outside when that happened, around 6.15 pm,” the eyewitness claimed.

The victim's girlfriend says that he had just dropped her home and that he went to get something when she heard the shots.

Honora was the owner of Stamp Rite Inc in Castries, which produces notary seals and customized rubber stamps and does engraving, business cards, custom mugs & photocopying.

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