Monday 10 August, 2020

Experience the peak of St Lucia's tallest mountain, Mount Gimie

Group of hikers tackle Mount Gimie

Group of hikers tackle Mount Gimie

Mount Gimie is the tallest mountain in St Lucia standing at 3117 feet in the middle of the rainforest in Soufriere.

For those of you in search of a true Jurassic Park-style adventure (without the Raptors or the T-Rex), you will experience just that. Once in the rainforest, if you are super lucky you can catch a glimpse of our National Bird, the Amazona Versicolor.

Local adventurer Sheldon Michel and his group of 21 thrill-seekers spent the Corpus Christi holiday climbing Mount Gimie, which was one of the escapades on their bucket list.

Prior to commencing, a few things were deemed essential by the group to successfully complete the climb.

These included sufficient water, a snack, proper protective shoes (you will be walking through the rainforest and traversing through uneven, sometimes muddy terrain depending on the time of day that you are hiking), energy drinks and energy bars.

Many climbers describe the hike as a strenuous one because of the steepness and not so friendly terrain, however, Sheldon said it was not as difficult as he thought it would be and it only took three hours for the group to get to the top. It took them one hour to cross the base and get to the river and two hours to climb up the mountain.

Sheldon cools off

Sheldon described the journey as an amazing one. The mountain is covered in a bounty of interesting and beautiful vegetation: grasses, ferns, wild trees. Accompanying such lush vegetation are a few waterfalls and miniature pools presenting themselves to cool your body, mind, and spirit. He says he remembers looking through the trees and seeing the Pitons, which was breathtaking.

“When we got to the top, oh my God, it was such an amazing day. We able to see the entire island from Vieux-Fort in the south to as far north as Pigeon Point. It was a really clear day. You could even see the John Compton Dam and see the water levels.” The group spent about an hour at the top taking in the spectacular view. Overall, the hike was fantastic.

Sheldon advises other locals to add this hike to their to-do list. To say that you have climbed Mount Gimie, the highest peak in Saint Lucia is definitely something to brag about. Make it a fun friend or family activity and explore the island.

There is a fee of EC $40 per person to experience the hike.

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