Saturday 26 September, 2020

Export St Lucia launches 'Uniquely St Lucian' national strategy

Export St Lucia yesterday, February 18, 2020, launched the National Export Strategy for St Lucia for the next 5 years under the vision ‘Uniquely St Lucian With a Global Appeal.’

The National Export Strategy is a joint response initiated by the Government of St Lucia to enhance St Lucia’s trade development, tackle constraints and embrace opportunities for export development in a practical manner. The purpose of the National Export Strategy is to pinpoint the focus for Export St Lucia as an agency for exports.

According to the CEO of Export St Lucia Sunita Daniel, “Exports has been growing from St Lucia and we have been diversifying quite a bit into other areas of export, so we really needed to get a forum whereby which we could then propel the growth of exports even further. So what we have today is a plan that has been developed by both the private and public sector. There was a lot of consultation with all our partners, nobody was left out so this is truly a national strategy for export and so today all the partners who have funded the export, the ITC, the International Trade Center, the Caricom Development Fund and the Government of St Lucia are really presenting this strategy to the public today.”

CEO of Export St Lucia Sunita Daniel

Over the years Export St Lucia has focused on building traditional markets which include the UK, one of their major markets. While banana is the main export to the UK, the agency is looking to diversify its exports to that market. The USA is also an important market for the agency but their interest will be centered on the OECS and Caricom countries for export and this is what the National Export Strategy will be focused on.

One of the main objectives of the NES is to ensure that whatever product that is exported meets the requirement for a sustainable environment.

The NES elaborates very strategic objectives and aims to strengthen the competitiveness of businesses and expand the Nation Productivity Capacity whilst ensuring the expected interest in trade is achievable and environmentally friendly.

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