Friday 30 October, 2020

Family and friends gather to remember slain John Honora at vigil

A vigil was held tonight, February 25, 2020, at Reduit for John Baptiste Honora who was fatally shot on February 12.

Honora, who owned Stamp Rite Inc in Castries, was killed outside his home near the Reduit field by a gunman who fled the scene.

Loop News spoke with Hyginus Honora, brother of the deceased, at the vigil: "We having a vigil for my eldest brother that was taken... this is one of the ways like we feel we could try to cope with the situation. We got a lot of loved ones, our friends to come and support us."

He continued, "With this kind of situation the more support we could get from families and friends, that help us cope with the situation.

Hyginus let out a sigh of emotion before describing his brother saying, "John is the breath of life, he is someone, as long as he could help somebody, he would go ahead and do it, he would do whatever it takes to help anyone who needs it."

Hyginus Honora

When asked what he would say to the person responsible for taking John's life, Hyginus said, "I got nothing to say to them because there's nothing I'm gonna say or ask him to do that he's gonna do. That would be the only thing - turn yourself in -  and I don't think he or she gonna do that."

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