Wednesday 27 May, 2020

Fay Ann and Bunji teaching Syri to love Trini culture

Fay Ann Lyons-Alvarez and Ian ‘Bunji Garlin’ Alvarez are seeking to pass on their love for Trinidad and Tobago to their daughter Syri.

Celebrating Independence Day off island as Fay Ann wraps up three days of work in LA working with Producer Fernando Garibay, in between grabbing lunch, this soca power couple snapped a selfie for Loop (seen below) and said what they love about their homeland. 

Fay Ann said:

“Trinidad means I get to experience different cultures, people etc and not necessarily have to leave my area. Every type of somebody lives everywhere.”

Meanwhile, Bunji said:

“What I love about it [Trinidad and Tobago] is the depth of it. Even if people ain't grasp what ‘it’ actually means, the fact that we have ‘it’ means a whole lot. [And] I love I how we celebrate ‘it’.”

Asked what he hopes is never removed from the T&T culture, Bunji said, “What I hope never disappears from ‘it’ is the meaning of ‘it’ and that can only be determined or better yet prevented by the people itself.”

Against this backdrop as the Alvarezes raise their young daughter, Fay Ann said that the variety of cultures found at home is the one thing she never wants Syri to forget about.

“All things Caribbean, but Trinidad at the core,” most specifically Fay Ann said with a huge smile.

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