Thursday 1 October, 2020

Forestry division disturbed St Lucians killing and eating boas

Boa being cooked

Boa being cooked

Recently surfaced videos of a group of individuals gobbling up the endangered Boa Constrictor snake has angered the Department of Forestry Division.

According to Pius Haynes, Senior Wildlife Conservation Officer of the Forestry Division, lately there have been several sightings of the boa in unfamiliar territories and the Department is extremely concerned with the manner in which the non-venomous snake is being treated.

"The animal is being highly persecuted," Haynes observed, adding, "Persons kill boas indiscriminately and we have even had videos and photographs making rounds on social media where persons have been stewing the boa...There have been cases where the boa was killed and eaten."

The video below may be disturbing to some viewers

The Saint Lucian boa is one of the few non-poisonous snakes on the island and is a protected species.

"It is prohibited for anyone to persecute or kill the boa," said Haynes noting that the act carries a penalty fine of $5000. "We've been advocating and advising persons to contact the Forestry Division whenever they encounter any wildlife," he said.

"If anyone has any information regarding persons eating boas, please contact the Forestry Division because we do not want this spiraling out of control, we do not want this practice to continue," Haynes lamented.

Saint Lucia has four species of snakes, one of which is poisonous.


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