Friday 23 October, 2020

Former senator Joachim Henry warns against selling votes

Joachim Henry

Joachim Henry

With no date in sight for the next general election, Castries South East candidate for the Opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party, Joachim Henry, warns against the practice of buying votes as he highlights the importance of having free and fair elections.

"Some people believe that they benefit from selling their vote," Henry declared.

"The electorate never benefits from selling his/her vote.

When you get an amount of money for your vote, will that amount last for five years?  What you have managed to do is put a corrupt politician in power for five years.

If you are paid $500 for your vote, this may buy groceries for two weeks but the corrupt politician you put in power is there for five years, getting rich.

He/she can bleed the country of millions of dollars.

You only get a one time illegal payment," he said.

The electorate, he says, especially the people of Castries South East, must never take part in the illegal activity of selling their vote.

Henry continued: "This illegal practice is bad for the whole country as it impedes development and drains resources.

When you sell your vote to a politician, you are exposing the country to someone that is corrupt.

This is someone that will not see anything wrong in embezzling the country’s resources or taking kickbacks from a contract. Corrupt politicians get rich of the taxpayers backs!

The other reason one should never sell their vote is because once this politician enters office, we as the citizens have to pay their salary.

Taxpayers must work to pay the benefits for these people until they die.

We pay their salary, their pension and their death benefits.

They pay us for a vote and we pay them for life!”

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