Wednesday 25 November, 2020

Francis caution against stigmatizing COVID-19 recovery patients

Declaring that anyone can get COVID-19, Senator Hermangild Francis is calling on members of the public to be more empathetic towards people who have had the disease.

Despite being cleared by medical practitioners, the public does not clear recovered COVID-19 patients and most times are shunned or ostracized from social situations because they contracted the virus.

“The disease does not discriminate, it does not say well I’m only going to go after poor people or black people or white people and we have recognized that the most powerful man in the world, the President of the United States, actually contracted it.

Boris Johnson has done it as the Prime minister of England and now he’s going through another phase of home quarantine because he was exposed to somebody who had the virus.” Francis said.

While Saint Lucia has recorded 203 cases as of November 19, many have recovered.

As the recovered patients get reintegrate into society, Senator Francis says it is important to be our brother’s keepers and treat them with the care and understanding as no one asked to be infected.

“COVID-19 is something that even if you take all the precautions and other persons, your neighbours do not take the precautions or even your workmates, your playmates and so on do not take the precaution then you will get it.”

When an infectious disease outbreak becomes a pandemic as with COVID-19 people are understandably frightened and concerned.

Francis also cautioned against rumours and misinformation, which he says, only aggravates the situation.

For example, following the outbreak of the virus in 2019, people of Asian descent were been treated with suspicion and blamed for COVID-19, even though they are no more likely to spread the virus.

“Some of our leaders, some of our talk show hosts and some persons who have influence in this society must stop what they are doing.

I hear persons are saying that you need to actually say what district, what particular place the person who had the the virus, to be from so people will keep away from that person.

You don’t need that, I mean the science has explained it, that you stay 6 feet away from somebody, you mask up, you sanitize your hand, you wash your hand daily when you get home you take off your clothes and you do all these things. If you do that, then you would be safe. So to go and stigmatize people because that person has had COVID, is really really unfair and I want persons to be their brother’s keeper, any of us can get it,” Francis declared.

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