Sunday 5 July, 2020

Francis: We will miss 'historic' Voyager building very much

Fire officers were still on the scene last night tackling the fire

Fire officers were still on the scene last night tackling the fire

As of this morning, fire officers are still on the scene of the Voyager building fire trying to put out small pockets of fire and to contain the smoke so that other businesses in the area can operate.

Last night, Castries Mayor Peterson Francis was on the scene of the fire that gutted the building - which housed at least four businesses - assessing the damages.

Francis spoke with Loop News with an air of nostalgia about the loss of what he termed a 'historic' building.

"You know that building has been there for so long and you know some of us grew up going to the matinee...  in our teenage years when we had left school we had what they call the monastery, where you find that on Sundays we'd have gone with the young girls and ourselves, enjoy ourselves, we didn't have all the violence we have now."

Francis continued, "It's a very historic building with a lot of memories, I think that we'll miss that building very much."

Francis spoke to how fortunate it is that the damage was contained, "I'm very happy that the fire did not spread. I know that the fire people had some challenges because you must realise it's seawater that these hydrants have and I understood that they actually got no pressure. So they had to go to where we have the temporary market right now to get that water so they could out that fire."

Francis said, "When things happen here we take note but if you look at these buildings and the proximity to each other, it is very good that we're looking about a wall building. Just imagine if the buildings here were in wood. Not only would that have been a major catastrophe but that would remind us of the 1948 fire."


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