Wednesday 28 October, 2020

Spike in gun violence worrying to social advocate

Felicia Dujon

Felicia Dujon

"Too many young boys and girls are dying from gun violence," states Felicia Dujon, social justice advocate.

Ms Dujon adds that the state by now should have articulated its plans for crime alleviation and prevention.

Her comments come in light of three homicides this week, where the weapon of choice was firearms.

"The level of gun violence has continued to raise and every other week, a young man or woman life is cut short," Miss Dujon observed.

"We are not casting blame on the government but they were elected to implement policies and legislation to ensure that citizens feel safe within their homes and communities.

This rampant insurgence of violent crimes should have troubled the conscience of the state to respond effectively in regaining the trust of its citizens," she said.

Dujon insists that: ‚ÄúCitizens are afraid in these current times. With the effects of the pandemic and the inevitable consequences of job losses, people are becoming anxious about their future as well as their safety against violent crimes like burglary and home invasions.

In addition, as the number of students leaving secondary schools with very little experience in the workforce, employment becomes a very difficult opportunity for them."

The government, she says, should look into implementing more skills and internship training in schools and perhaps include a sixth form which may serve students more efficiently in the workplace.

"The academic and employment opportunities for our youth are far too limited. If we can find money for investors without their financial aid, we can do the same for our youth.

We need to cultivate their economic and life skills towards a progressive future. We cannot continue to do things the way we did 10 years ago," said Dujon.

"Unfortunately, the increase of gun violence amongst our youth requires a systematic review of the level of access to which young persons have and why it has become an attractive path for many who have only left school a few years ago.

We should begin effective youth interventions which will encourage them to remain law-abiding, contributing members of society," Dujon said.

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