Thursday 3 December, 2020

Hate peeling green bananas? Emerald Foods has the solution

Want to avoid the trouble of constantly having to peel green bananas when you have to cook it or find a way to keep it unspoiled for months after harvest?

Emerald Foods, which provides quality, affordable, processed local provisions has the answer.

According to Kedhma Dorh, co-founder of the processing facility, Emerald Foods makes cooking fun and much easier, while making farming more profitable.

He said the facility, which was established in July 2020 at Vigier, Vieux-Fort, came about when as a farmer, he realized finding a market for his produce was a challenge.

Dorh said bananas are the most prominent crop in St Lucia, so they thought it is a good crop to start with, and sought to find out how they could convert it to a product that will minimize wastage and allow its full use.

“A lot of people like green bananas but hate to peel it,” he said.

According to Dorh, they prepare the green bananas in such a way that it reduces the time it takes to cook.

“We thought of processing it, which is what we do at Emeralds Foods. So, with our products, all you do is cut it off…and put it to boil for five minutes and you good to go,” Dorh said.

He added: “You can keep the bananas in your fridge for three months. It will not get ripe or spoil, and you can cook it as you desire.”

According to Dorh, as they continue their research and development into their investment, they are confident that they may be able to extend the shelf life of the bananas to at least six months.

He said they are doing so to give the consumer the ideal product that they need.

Dorh said the idea of buying bananas and having to cook all at one time is a thing of the past.

Apart from processing green bananas, the company also produces green plantain fries and green fig salad mix.

In the future, they will be producing a variety of other products and be tapping into the foreign and regional markets. He said the future looks bright in that regard.

“The regional and international markets are showing interest in our products and we are excited about that,” he said.

Dorh said the business is seeking to find solutions for the problems in the agriculture industry.

He identified one of their major challenges as being able to obtain a consistently good quality of raw materials.

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