Monday 28 September, 2020

Hilaire asks "Where the CIP money gone?" as UWP paints him as liar

Castries South MP Ernest Hilaire posted the following statement on his official Facebook page on Thursday, June 13, 2019.

"The Prime Minister in the Tuesday 11th June meeting of Parliament presented what he said are items for the use of CIP funds. The UWP has used the recent pronouncements in the House to dismiss the calls made by the Opposition for the Prime Minister to tell the people of Saint Lucia how the monies from the CIP since 2016, 3 years on, have been spent. This remains the outstanding and substantial question that the Prime Minister must answer.

What has he done with CIP money collected from 2016 to the end of the 2018-2019 financial year?

Attempts by him and his surrogates to present me as a liar will not substitute for his failure to state to parliament and the people of Saint Lucia where has the CIP money gone for the last three years. He must answer the question."

The UWP posted the below video which paints Hialire as lying about the issue:


Hilaire continues, "He claims that in the Budget of 2019/2020, he has projects which will be funded by CIP funds and therefore he has answered the question. Further, he claims that he has finally shared the list of projects. Close examination of his explanation will reveal that he is determined to sidestep the central issue which my question raises. The simple issue is and remains – the country needs to and deserves to know how much money has been collected since 2016 and how has it been spent? Plain and simple! Not how the CIP money will be spent in the future. Account for the MONEY YOU HAVE COLLECTED SINCE 2016.

I can continue to argue that the way he is proposing the use of CIP money for the future is not what the law requires. But let us put that aside for now. I will come back to that very soon. What the Prime Minister is being called to do is to please inform Saint Lucians how much money has been collected since 2016 and how has it been spent?

The difficulty that the Prime Minister has with answering the question should be obvious. He does not want to, because he will have to reveal how much he paid to settle the Range Scandal and possibly, just possibly, how much may have been spent on his honeymoon with DSH!

Prime Minister we have asked often enough. If you don't answer, the Opposition will table a formal question in the House to force you to respond. Because, the people have a right to know."

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