Wednesday 30 September, 2020

Hilaire: No one knows what CIP money is being used for

Parliamentary Representative for Castries South Ernest Hilaire posted a commentary on Facebook earlier today on Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, the DSH Project and CIP:

"Only last month. the Prime Minister addressed a CIP Conference where he made a major presentation on the controversial DSH Project. Given the Prime Minister’s obsessive commitment to that Project, this was no surprise. After all, it appears that he had missed the Second Anniversary Church Service of the electoral victory of the UWP to be with Teo Ah-King. That’s says a lot.

It also must be noted that there is no information to suggest that the DSH Project has been given CIP or DCA approval to proceed. In fact, the CIP Unit issued a press release strongly disassociating itself from the DSH Project. How then can the Prime Minister be promoting the DSH Project in Geneva at a CIP Conference when the CIP Unit has rejected the DSH Project many times and has distanced itself from the Project?

Is this a case of the ‘jackasses braying’?

Another cause for concern, or let's just say another ‘bray’, is the repeated violation of the CIP Legislation. Section 33 of the Citizenship by Investment Act No. 14 of 2015 provides :
(1) The Saint Lucia National Economic Fund is established.
(2) Qualifying investments of cash shall be paid into the Saint Lucia National Economic Fund.
(3) The Minister of Finance shall lay before Parliament every financial year for its approval the purposes to which the funds will be allocated.

To date Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has never tabled any proposal for the use of CIP monies yet millions appear to have been collected and spent.

Government expenditure is categorized under recurrent and capital. Is CIP money being used to fund recurrent expenditure ? No one knows! Is CIP money being used to fund capital expenditure?

The Estimates tabled and approved does not show any project funded under the CIP!

So the question remains, what is the CIP monies being used for and where is it?"

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