Tuesday 14 July, 2020

Hilaire turns the vehicle accusations back on government

During last night’s SLP National Pubic Meeting on the Castries Market Steps, Parliamentary Representative for Castries South Ernest Hilaire spoke on the allegations from across the aisle that he possessed a ‘stolen government vehicle’.

Hilaire lambasted Prime Minister Allen Chastanet on his purported stance of transparency and accountability which has led to investigations into Labour-related issues but has not also led to pursuing investigations into issues on the government side.

Hilaire once again challenged the government to take away his car, displaying his keys above his head to show the crowd. He said that he had worked jobs in America, England, Dubai and the Caribbean and had made enough money to buy a vehicle.

Hilaire had strong words for Saint Lucia's High Commissioner to London, Guy Mayers. Hilaire called him a ‘nasty piece of work’. He said Mayers called him prior to starting at the job. He said Mayers said that people spoke highly of Hilaire’s performance in the same role and that he wanted to have a meeting in order to learn the ins and outs of the role.

Hilaire says despite warnings from his comrades not to trust Mayers, Hilaire put St Lucia first and met with Mayers at his home for hours, exhaustively going over the job.

Hilaire says after he sued Chastanet, Mayers became like a mad man who was more than willing to find dirt on Hilaire in order to destroy him.

Hilaire said that the UWP had stooped to the low political tactics of Cambridge Analytica and was spying on St Lucian’s conversations and actively seeking out dirt on himself.

Hilaire then made his own allegations of impropriety regarding vehicles. He said, “I want them to find out which minister right now is driving a car, right now that was paid for with state funds and it doesn’t have an “SLG” on it… If they want to investigate vehicles, find out which minister it is.”

He also said the chairman of a statutory organization imported a vehicle into the country duty-free and attempted to have it transferred to his name. He said that if government was for transparency they would disclose this matter.

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