Wednesday 2 December, 2020

Home quarantine not ideal for returning residents - Ragnanan

Chief Environmental Officer Parker Ragnanan

Chief Environmental Officer Parker Ragnanan

Chief Environmental Officer, Mr Parker Ragnanan appeared on NTN Friday, July 17, 2020, to update the nation on the status of Health and Tourism one week after the reintroduction of commercial flights to the island.

Raganan said that in the first week, 170 persons have been sent to home quarantine, 225 to quarantine facilities and 476 guests at the hotels throughout the island.

Ragnanan noted: “What we are seeing is a number of our nationals are applying for home quarantine at this time. We continue to advocate that home quarantine is not necessarily the best managed process, it is really for extenuating, exceptional circumstances… many of our returning nationals are applying online for home quarantine and when they are being told that it is not possible, there is a certain level of resistance.”

Ragnanan stated that in the past there have been issues with compliance with those in home quarantine: “People think that if they are at home, they can meet with their friends, they can socialize, they can go to supermarkets, they can go to town, go to the beach and that is creating a major problem.”

Ragnanan said that facility quarantine is the ideal at this time as it creates a controlled environment and allows for a better usage of scarce medical resources: "You are able to do the daily monitoring and screening of these individuals in one physical space unlike when people at homes through different districts, towns, communities, that medical personnel would have to find where you are to physically visit you to be able to screen you on a day-to-day basis."

Ragnanan explained that the public health facility at Hewanorra International Airport is where returning residents are being designated to quarantine: "That is done through a tagging system where an armband is placed and there is a colour-coded scheme that would determine whether you have been designated home quarantine, facility quarantine or hotel accommodation."

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