Monday 28 September, 2020

Homicide victim's mom 'felt it' when son was killed on his birthday

Sophia Dickinson, mother of Kareem Mc Phee

Sophia Dickinson, mother of Kareem Mc Phee

The mother of St Lucia's most recent homicide victim, 23-year-old Kareem Mc Phee, told reporters that she felt something was wrong on the day he died.

"My son was already dead for his birthday, maybe after 2, he was already dead. I felt it, I felt something was wrong. I saw certain things and I felt something was wrong," said Sophia Dickinson as she spoke to reporters on Monday, September 14.

Kareem Mc Phee's body was discovered on Sunday at about 6am in his vehicle along the Pigeon Island Causeway with gunshot wounds.

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Dickinson said about her son: "Well, he was good to me, that's all I know. Everybody used to say how he bad, how he used to do things. Like I say, he was my son, I don't know what he used to do, if he used to do things, that's him... doesn't matter, he was my son."

Police confirmed that Mc Phee, a Caye Mange, Gros Islet resident, was on bail for illegal possession of firearm and ammunition at the time of his death.

Dickinson said she has not been told anything regarding the circumstances of Mc Phee's death and that she last saw him on the eve of his birthday.

Asked if she would be pursuing justice for her son, Dickinson replied: "Well, honest, I have no comment on this one. I'm just going to bury my son... I have nothing to say."

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