Tuesday 20 October, 2020

The Hungry Pineapple - St Lucia’s Gourmet Queen

Jasmine Kouly

Jasmine Kouly

If you’re a foodie with a profound passion for not just eating but experiencing food, then you’re in for a treat.

I’m sure some of you have stumbled upon the distinctive, vibrant, food porn profile of ‘The Hungry Pineapple’ on Instagram.

Her name is Jasmine Kouly, the woman with an insatiable love for pineapples who has changed the entire culinary scene with her creative, innovative, and simple culinary executions. With her bubbly and infectious personality, she has surely captured my heart.

The daughter of two outstanding chefs, Jasmine was always surrounded by food.

She started dabbling with this passion at the age of seventeen, whipping up fast foods like ramen and boxed pancakes. You can’t call yourself a Kouly making pre-packaged foods, especially considering the reputation of her father, the former owner of the popular “Big Chef Steakhouse,” as one of St Lucia’s top culinary masters.

After tireless trials and errors experimenting with different foods, Jasmine evolved into a gourmet queen.

If you really want to amuse your taste buds, then you should surely try out the delightful and extraordinary dishes that she conjures up at her new food haven, ‘Voila’.


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The name ‘Voila’ derives from her dad. The internationally renowned chef always used this signature word after preparing his dishes ‘voila!’ meaning ‘here’.

‘Voila’ will take you on the most amazing culinary journey of your life. With the fusion of her love for French and Italian cuisine combined with flavors of the Caribbean, Jazmine will bless your palates with delicious, simple, elegant foods.

It is an interactive, all-inclusive dining experience that you can enjoy with your friends or loved ones. You can learn new recipes or cooking skills while sipping on some of her famous pineapple mimosas which, may I add, are to die for.

The tart and sweet acidity of the pineapple juice mixed with the champagne tastes ten times better than a regular mimosa. The Level Two WSET (Wine Spirit Education Certification) certified chef is also a wine enthusiast.

This certification has enabled her to appreciate the art of pairing different foods with wines. As such, wine tasting will surely be one of the new additions to her venture.

Besides her parents, we can thank Gordon Ramsey for being the inspiration behind her culinary styles. Jasmine deems herself a ‘flegan’ (flee-gan), flexible vegan, which also enables her to indulge in vegan cuisine.

When she is not throwing down in the kitchen, she feeds her obsession of criminal neuropsychology and spends most of her free time drinking vodka sodas while binging on murder series.

To aspiring chefs and food enthusiasts alike, the gourmet queen advises that you should constantly work on your craft, get creative, and mix and match ingredients to see what works.

“My food may look expensive, but the ingredients are simple things I pick up at the supermarket or buy from the roadside vendors. When I feel like making something, I just use what’s in my cupboard and I mix and match.”

To learn more about the culinary experience ‘Voila’ you can follow ‘The Hungry Pineapple’ on Instagram.

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