Friday 16 November, 2018

I chose Cenac to look after you - PM to citizen

The large crowd many were expecting to turn up this morning outside parliament building for the appearance of Emmanuel Neville Cenac for his swearing-in as governor general did not materialize. However, those who waited were not disappointed as Prime Minister Allen Chastanet presented them with an opportunity to speak to him face to face.

Kept at a distance from the entrance of the parliament building by police, the small crowd, consisting of persons usually at Constitution Park talking politics and some passersby who paused long enough to observe what was happening near parliament building, was quiet and well behaved even when Cenac came out of his chauffeured vehicle and headed directly into the building looking neither right nor left.

But it was Prime Minister Chastanet who startled everyone, even his own security detail who followed him as he walked straight into the crowd of onlookers, greeting and shaking hands with all who wanted an opportunity to meet him, near the Digicel store on the William Peter Boulevard.

Many in the crowd took the opportunity to talk and shake hands with him.

One onlooker, dissatisfied with Chastanet’s choice for governor general asked him point blank why he selected Cenac.

“To look after you,” Chastanet said.

“Me, he can’t look after me,” the bystander replied.

The prime minister then moved over to   Constitution Park to greet more people, including shaking hands with police officers on the scene who were to stop people from encroaching on parliament building.

In the end, the swearing-in ceremony went on without a hitch. Cenac took the Oath of Office and the Oath of Allegiance without any hindrance. The small crowd dispersed soon after. The placard-bearing protesters many expected to descend on parliament building did not materialize. Cenac officially took office at about 10:33 am.