Thursday 26 November, 2020

Illegal entries into St Lucia putting livelihood of fishermen at risk

The livelihoods of anglers on the island are being threatened due to individuals coming into the island illegally as Saint Lucia remains under a state of emergency.

This, according to health officials, is severely affecting the island’s capabilities of combating the spread of the virus.

Under the state of emergency, a few non-essential services were allowed to operate, including farmers and fishers.

However, with the recent arrests made as persons attempted to enter the island through unofficial means, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet says this may have severe implications for the fishing sector.

“This is an issue we going to have to take up with the Minister of Agriculture very seriously. The opportunity for the fishermen to go back out and continue to fish was on the basis that they would work with us in identifying those individuals and so this is something we are going to take extremely seriously because this will put the entire nation at risk,” Chastanet explained Tuesday.

“I am disappointed to hear that we still have persons attempting to sneak or smuggle individuals in from Martinique into Saint Lucia,” Prime Minister Allen Chastanet declared.

“I thought we had passed that point and persons would understand the irresponsibility that you are practicing in doing that, not only in jeopardizing your own life, jeopardizing the life of your family, and more importantly exposing family members in Saint Lucia,” Chastanet lamented.

Cabinet, according to the Prime Minister, will be holding discussions on the matter Wednesday, May 6, 2020, when they next meet.

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