Friday 5 June, 2020

An inside look: The long-awaited transition from Victoria to OKEU

The Owen King EU Hospital has now experienced many firsts, from the first patients in the ICU, the first patients on the Wards and A&E, the first babies in the Special Baby-care Unit, the first surgery and a proud mother, Daria Peter, gave birth to OKEU’s first bouncing baby boy, Darian Owen Peter.

The long-awaited move from Victoria Hospital to OKEU was completed by an energetic and highly motivated staff decked out in their respective team colors who busily implemented their action plan.

They were first blessed, provided with breakfast and had a rainbow to guide their day.

“You have the different teams. You have the transport team, you have the command team and you have the teams who would actually be moving the patients. So we are very happy this morning and we are ready to go,” Nancy Francis, Executive Director of the Victoria Hospital said.

“We’re very happy about this move. At long last, we’ve waited a long time for it and we are going to make it work. It will work and things will improve,” Dr Christiana Nathaniel, Consultant, Internal Medicine asserted.

With the suspension of elective surgeries and outpatient clinics, VH had its smallest census of patients with only 45 patients to be transferred to the OKEU. The move was successfully coordinated via a Command and Sequencing Centre manned at the Victoria Hospital, with a sub-command post at OKEU Hospital.

Transitioning Director, Dr Lisa Charles explained, “This is the Command Centre at the Owen King EU Hospital and what we do here, we are responsible for ensuring that the patients are received safely and triaged to their appropriate ward and bed. So once the patient has left Victoria Hospital Sister Octave will get a phone call informing her the patient left and we then inform the wards here and the command post when the patient arrives.”

Dr Lisa Charles

“So if there are any issues on ground it is channeled up to us here in the Command Centre and if there is need for external support from Ministry of Health or other services or agencies we also contact them externally to come on board to ensure that move is successful,” Medical Director at the Victoria Hospital, Dr Alisha Eugene-Ford said.

Pivotal in the move strategy was the order of patients to be moved managed from the sequencing centre. “We determine which patient goes next.”

The sequencing Centre was managed by Nursing Director, Ruth Regis-Adesanya who orchestrated the overall move. She said the move was guided by the international criteria for patient move.

Ruth Regis-Adesanya

“So for the past two days, we’ve been doing assessments of all the patients to be moved and to determine how to sequence them. What we have done is we have ensured that the hospital, whether it is Victoria Hospital or OKEUH is not overwhelmed. So we’re only sending out from one unit, only one patient at a time and receiving on any unit one patient at a time.”

By 12 noon on the move day, 22 of the 45 patients were already transferred to OKEUH.

“It’s been going very well. Exactly to plan…I know a lot of persons thought we would be under pressure and look like we are ready to crumble and you do not see that at all. So all of the years of planning and training has actually paid off.”

Nurses lined the hallway at OKEUH to show respect to Sister Ruth Regis-Adesanya for her remarkable leadership in planning and executing the successful transitioning effort.

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