Monday 25 May, 2020

Island-wide power outage caused by fault at Cul De Sac station

The island experienced a total electrical system shutdown at approximately 9:04 a.m. on Wednesday, October 10. 

The power outage was caused by a major internal fault at the Cul De Sac power station.  The fault initially tripped three of the generators and then the remaining engines, resulting in a total system shutdown. 

After the fault zone was isolated appropriate checks and inspections commenced, and the process of restoring the system was initiated.  Power restoration started around 10:28 a.m. and is being done gradually across the network. At this point, until the fault is identified and rectified, it is not possible to output the full capacity of the generating plant at Cul De Sac.  LUCELEC expects to be able to meet about sixty per cent (60%) of the peak demand until the problem is resolved. 

Some sections of the network are likely to remain without power until the fault has been corrected.

LUCELEC is working to correct this problem as quickly as possible, and apologises to its customers for this unplanned outage and for the inconvenience caused.

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