Friday 30 October, 2020

Young man turns COVID struggle into success with Jarz Cheesecakes

Dyon Isidore

Dyon Isidore

Picture this: a jar filled with a cookie crust, with a dreamy, silky-smooth cheesecake laced with Baileys Irish Cream, topped with cocoa dust and semi-sweet chocolate chips which melts in your mouth all in one bite.

This just might be your new obsession because this dessert will take you to heaven. Jarz has revamped traditional cheesecakes into a jar of devilishly, delicious goodness where one spoonful is not enough.

The mastermind behind these amazingly addictive desserts is Dyon Isidore, a young man who lives by the motto “Don’t be afraid to fail.”

Jarz cheesecakes

During the COVID-19 quarantine, Dyon was trying to find a way to ease his financial burdens as his funds were diminishing and there was no money coming in. He started brainstorming ideas and stumbled upon the cheesecake jars which was almost non-existent in St Lucia at the time.

With his previous experience making and selling cheesecakes at age 16 to help finance his education, Dyon immediately started experimenting with new flavors and invited his friends over for sampling. To his surprise, the cheesecake jars were a hit.

“I had my friends come over and my friends were like wow, this is amazing and then I started selling two, three, five. It started picking up. Now I’m doing 50-100 in a day. Most days I never have enough. No matter how much I make someone will ask me if I have extras,” said Isidore.


Look at these beauties. They look good and taste good as well. #cheesecakelovers #jarZ

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Anyone with a love for cheesecakes will appreciate the effort that Dyon puts into developing the flavor combinations for Jarz cheesecakes. The cakes are a delightfully perfect balance of sweetness and softness. Every bite is an orgy of flavors that slowly teases your taste buds into a rich entanglement in the back of your throat.

There are 15 flavors to savor with additional mouthwatering blends being introduced weekly. His customers are wildly obsessed with the Baileys cheesecake jar which has inspired the creation of cherry bomb, which is a Fireball Whiskey infused cheesecake topped with spice rum cherries. This one is an absolute must-have! 

Despite the peaking success of his small venture, Dyon has had to face several challenges. His biggest challenge stems from the inconsistency of available ingredients and packaging materials as a result of the increasingly high number of bakers on the island. He also struggles to keep up with the demand for his products.

“I was doing it by myself and no matter what time I started, I would literally go to bed at three or four o’clock in the morning and get up by seven or eight o’clock to finish prepare because the cakes have to set. Thankfully my mother got involved and my mother is assisting me so she knows how to make it as well. I have a small team here who are supporting me.”

Despite the setbacks, the young entrepreneur is always looking to try something new. Dyon has his eyes set on introducing homemade ice-cream in an array of tropical flavors as well as opening up a cheesecake or dessert shop.  
“Don’t be afraid of your hustle. I’m not afraid to go to town if I have to sell to talk to somebody on the street. At the end of the day, you’re making your money. I admire the people who walk in town selling their stuff. Do not allow your pride to hinder you from starting a business.”

Jarz cheesecakes range from $10 to $25. You can call 1-758-584-6288 to pre-order or follow them on Instagram @jarzie758.

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