Wednesday 30 September, 2020

Botham Jean Foundation brightens up Christmas for Boys Training Center

The tragic circumstances surrounding the murder of Botham Jean on September 6, 2018, will not soon be forgotten.

A promising young St Lucian gunned down in his home by an off-duty police officer who claimed she thought he was an intruder in her apartment when in fact she had intruded into his.

Many weighed in on the premature death of Botham, viewed by peers and loved ones as a charismatic young man, deeply rooted in the Christian faith.

In remembrance of Jean, loved ones created the Botham Jean Foundation.

Botham's mother, Allison Jean, was present with the foundation to gift boys at the Boys Training Center (BTC) with board games and other team and skill-building games in hopes of brightening up their Christmas.

“Most people go out and they give gifts and we thought that the boys of the Boys Training Centre deserve to have gifts that would help them play together, have teamwork together so that during the Christmas season, they can have as joyous of an occasion as other people in our society,” Mrs Jean said.

“We present this small token of gifts; board games, sporting equipment so that you can all enjoy. We trust that you would use these gifts to help you enjoy the season and develop among yourselves the comradery that is required while you spend your time here at the Boys Training Center,” she continued.

Present to collect the generous donation was Chief Warden at the Boys Training Center, Marcus Bastien.

Bastien recognized the phenomenal persona Botham was remembered for having, and encouraged everyone to be like “Bo”.

“He was an exceptional individual and I think it’s one; the attributes which he possessed is one that we all can emulate,” Bastien said.

“Once again I would like to say a hearty thank you to the directors and all of who is responsible and contributed to this. I know that the boys…everything here is stuff that they are looking forward to; the football, the board games, basketball…the shoes and everything. I'm sure it is going to go a long way in the general rehabilitation of all our wards here,” he noted.

Bastien praised the donation received from the Foundation and said no matter the size or contribution given, it plays a vital role in assisting the rehabilitation of the boys.

The efforts of the Botham Jean Foundation is in keeping with what Botham started and his love for missionary work. During Botham’s short life, he was active in community outreach and the foundation was established to continue his extraordinary work and continue his legacy.

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